I have just completed my ticket order and paid with my credit card. What happens next?

You will be redirected to your ticket details page, where you can download your ticket in PDF format or even add to your Apple Wallet/Android Pass directly. Alternatively, you will also receive 2 emails; one of which is a receipt and the other contains the link to the ticket details page from when you can download your ticket again. 


I cannot find my ticket in my email inbox.

Check your junk, spam or promotions folders carefully, as some email providers redirect the ticket to such folders. If you still can’t find your ticket, contact us for assistance. 


I downloaded my ticket more than once. Which one should I use?

Although the ticket QR code generated may be different, it is still the same ticket which is valid for one-time use, (unless otherwise specified by the organiser). 


I have an iPhone. Can I add my ticket to my Apple Wallet?

Yes you can. Simply select ‘Add to Wallet’ on the Ticket Download Page. If you have an Android phone, the Passes app is needed to allow for similar functionality.


I am an event organiser. Can I list my event on biljett.mt?

Of course! All types of events are welcome. Contact us to get the ball rolling!


I found my ticket in the spam or junk folder. How can I prevent this from happening again with future purchases?

Mark it as Not Spam and add our email address to your email contacts list.

Ticket Transfers FAQ

Our Ticket Transfer system guarantees a safe and reliable method for ticket holders to transfer or sell a ticket to an interested buyer. It also protects the buyer, confirming the validity of the ticket, and ensuring that the ticket is not transferred or sold to more than one buyer at any one time. 

How do I transfer a ticket?

Go to your order details page (the link can be found in the ticket order email). It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Transfer this Ticket’ button to start the process.

What happens next?

  1. After clicking “Transfer this ticket”, enter the first & last name and the email of the recipient and click “Submit”. 
  2. You will receive an email on the address used for the original ticket order asking you to approve the transfer. (Check your junk, spam or promotions folders carefully, as some email providers redirect the ticket to such folders.) 
  3. Open the email and click on the link provided to approve the transfer. On doing so, the transfer will be finalised and the recipient will be emailed the ticket information.
  4. To protect the integrity of the ticket received by the new ticket holder, the old ticket is automatically cancelled from the system to avoid fraud / transfer to multiple people.
  5. Any payment or reimbursement for the ticket must be agreed between the original and the new ticket holder. It is not within Biljett.mt’s remit to oversee this reimbursement. Please refer to the full terms & conditions

How long do I have to approve the ticket transfer?

For security purposes, ticket transfer requests expire 1 hour after being requested. If you get a message that the transfer request has expired when trying to approve it, you will have to go back to the ticket page and initiate a new request.

I received an email that a transfer has been requested but I did not initiate this, what do I do?

Simply ignore the email and the transfer request will expire automatically.